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Clickbank Ads- Adsanse like System Update 2

author | April 1, 2009

This is a follow up to Clickbank – Adsanse like System Update
Just like i promised this is an update on our progress of creating an Adsanse ads like System
for Clickbank products.

First this is what the ads look like

adsbycb - clickbank ads

adsbycb - clickbank ads

Second this is a live ad:

3rd you can see that we have added AdsByCB ads on the right using our new system
witch is now entering a second week of beta testing (the ads you see on the left side are ads by our plugin).

So as you can see our Clickbank ads system now gives you the ability of displaying adsance like ads of clickbank products anywhere you want and track them.
This is going to be free for all and we are about to open it to the public probably
sometime next week.

I added a few updated screen shoots for you to see what it looks like inside



Ad editing


daily reports
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Clickbank – Adsanse like System Update

author | March 19, 2009

This is a follow up to  Clickbank ads every where

so it been almost two weeks since we launched our WordPress ClickBank Plugin v1.0

and its safe to say that we and our users have great successes !!!

just some brief statistics:

* 2435 downloads of the plugin.

* 1757 active users.

and a lot of testimonies of happy users witch i promise to post later this week.

So back to our point, last week we started coding an adsanse like system for clickbank

with our database so that everyone ( not only wordpress users) that has a web site/space

could easily display clickbank ads on them , And i promised to update you guys so here were we are standing:

To Do List:

*  Web based registration/login – status – done.

*  Easy to use  Dashboard – status – done.

*  Adsanse like ad creation and code generation – status – done.

*  Easy to use ad management system – status – done.

* Impressions and Click tracking reports – status – work in progress.

Basically we are nearly done , We only have to finish the reports section of the site

and we should start Beta Testing next week.

I have added some screen hots for you guys.


Ad Creation

Ad management

that’s all for now.

Clickbank ads every where

author | March 3, 2009

Its been 3 days sance we published our AdsByCB WordPress plugin and we have over

600 downloads of it and just over 480 active users.

So we dicided to make this thing for every one and not WordPress users,

today we tarted coding an adsanse style site that will let you post your clickbank ads

on every web site/page and not only wordpress.

I will keep you updatd.